spaceREC is a new online platform to share creative spaces in Leeds developed by artist Kathrin Böhm and creative technologist Radek Rudnicki as a new digital arts commission for

At a time when physical space is at a premium and the digital social realm is increasing, spaceREC bridges both to create a new network of creative spaces both online and offline, digital and actual. It connects the individual, private workplaces of artists with a network of easily accessible spaces across town which can be used for artist meet-ups, live events and exhibitions.

The project’s growing Soundcloud is fed with sounds from creative workspaces and studios, from metal workshops to bedroom recording studios, laptops on kitchen tables to darkrooms in cellars, attic music rooms to painters’ studios in garden sheds.

The sound of where and how we work might be familiar to ourselves, but strange and unusual to others. The way we normally share our more private spaces online is through posting photos and videos. spaceREC uses sound recordings as a way to share private creative spaces and combine them in a larger soundscape.

In parallel spaceREC is offering a list of spaces in Leeds which can be used for more public and collective events, those which make a creative community beyond the walls of the private production space. We still need the physical spaces of our cities to come together, to share the culture we make and to shape a creative scene.

spaceREC as an idea and prototype results from an Innovation Lab in Leeds in early 2016. As a group of young makers, bloggers, gamers and musicians we identified the need and desire to share our personal creative spaces and to access more collective spaces, where we can discuss and test ideas with a wider public.

spaceREC is being piloted in Leeds. An initial phase runs between June and October 2016, featuring a sound installation in the lobby of Art Hostel Leeds, a series of group recording workshops and a public event where audio recordings will be collaged together in a public performance, making a new shared space of creative sound.

This website acts as a tool to help you upload your own creative sounds and add new spaces to the listing.